Friday, June 16, 2017

Death's Daughter

The second team of interns at Astire Games just wrapped up their project Death's Daughter. It is an endless runner on Android and iOS where you play as the daughter of the Grim Reaper helping him reap souls.

Some cute and interesting things they did with their mechanics - the character you play is very young, and the souls weigh her down both figuratively and literally. She carries the souls in a bag on her back and drops them off at courier checkpoints, but as the bag fills with souls she moves slower and it becomes more difficult to clear obstacles. If her bag has too many souls it will tear open and she will drop them all and have to start over. One of the obstacles she faces is a black cat, which gives nine souls if she hits it - this can be good or bad for the player depending on how full your bag is!

The game went live today on Google Play and iTunes, but the interns will be continuing their internship for another week to release updates to the game based on reviews and feedback from players. We hope you will play and give feedback!