Monday, December 9, 2013

Match 3 and Poker Words Playtest

My final playtest this semester tested the changes to my match 3 card game and my new poker-style word game.

Match 3 Changes

Second deck to draw into hand
Each player has 3 cards in hand at all times until that deck runs out
Spite - on opponents turn, steal a set they just made
Trap - Replace one card on board, if opponent flips this the lose their turn

Match 3 Feedback

Relying on memory makes it more of a puzzle and maybe not the right pacing for a family game
Could try dealing all cards with directions visible (more strategy less memory)
Newly added Spite cards are fun but too powerful
Possible fixes for Spite - skip net turn or don't draw card back
Cards in your hand have information on both sides, makes it confusing
Could "attach" trap or other cards by sliding them underneath existing cards on the board

Poker Words Rules

Each player is dealt 2 cards
Round of betting
3 cards are dealt to the middle (anyone can use them)
Round of betting
Each player may choose to trade cards with the deck
Each player is dealt a 3rd card
Round of betting
Two more cards dealt to the middle
Final round of betting
Each player chooses from their letters and the litters in the middle to make the highest valued word they can
Point system and letter distribution based on Scrabble
Player with the highest scoring word collects the pot
Part way through the playtest I removed betting, so play is basically the same but without rounds of betting, and at the end both players get the total number of points in their word (keep score each round, play to 100)

Poker Words Feedback

Flows better without betting
Seems like a good game for kids to play in the back seat on a car ride
Feels like a fun, quick, casual game
Could use a twist or interaction between players to add interest
Should cards be reshuffled each time or set aside so deck runs out?
Realized the deck was somehow missing A's...
Is there a way to hide/reveal info more?
Maybe swap cards in hand with center cards somehow?
Overall more fun than the two previous games