Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Stress of Publishing Your Own Games: Part 1

Whoops, so much for two posts a week! Well this post is just a little rant about stress. Working for other companies has always given me some level of stress, so I though if I work for myself that would no longer happen, but I was definitely wrong. When I decided to start publishing my own games, I wanted to release under a "company" name instead of my own name, so I filed a DBA. Sounds simple, but I spent over two hours on the State of Texas government website trying to figure out how to do it, somehow managed to get charged a dollar in the process, and never found an answer. That dollar ended up being very difficult to pay because they gave no information on how to make a payment. Eventually I found a downloadable form on the County Clerk's website (much easier to use that the State of Texas website), but that form needed to be notarized and brought in to the Clerk's office in person. So I did those things, ended up sitting in their office for about an hour, found out their systems were down, so I just dropped off my form with the fee and hoped for the best. They were supposed to send me a copy of the form once it was processed/accepted, but I never got that, so maybe it wasn't accepted? Maybe I'll never know? But just today I received in the mail a notice from the Texas Labor Law stating that I needed to send them $84 and post some sign in my office where all of my employees can see. Since I don't have an office or employees, and I don't even have a copy of my DBA so I expect I don't even have a company, I am really not sure what to do in this situation. I don't even know how they found me since I have no evidence my DBA was approved, and I've done no other official "business" as Astire Games (the name I chose for my company). I guess I'll just ignore it and hope for the best. Yay stress! Yay bureaucracy!

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