Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I'm Back!

Wow, it has been a while! I'm ready to start blogging again, and I have a lot to talk about now.

This first post will be to get up-to-date and explain my plan for continuing this blog. So here's what went down:

I graduated with my Master's degree in Entertainment Technology and went to work for a Virtual Reality company where I made small VR demos for the Oculus Rift. It was a great experience, but the team was small and the company was hardware-focused, so it was not giving me the opportunities I was looking for.

In 2014 I moved to Austin and attended the Denius-Sams Gaming Academy to obtain a Certificate of Leadership and Management (in the hopes of moving into more of a lead role on a larger team). During and after completing the certificate I did freelance design and gameplay programming for a couple of different companies targeting mobile apps.

At the end of last summer I landed a job at Certain Affinity (a AAA game developer working on FPS games) as a Systems Designer/Gameplay Scripter.

So currently I am working a day job making games, and by night I work on my own games under the indie name Astire Games - http://astiregames.com/

Whew, now that's out of the way, on to new things!

What I want to do with this blog: I'd like to keep discussing design ideas and issues and solutions as those ideas progress into full-fledged games. I'm also interested in sharing insights as I learn them, and not just about game design - also technical challenges and hardware, web development, start-up and small business topics, and how to market a game (what I'm learning right now!) plus, hopefully, starting a team.

Thanks for reading! Current goal: 2 posts a week!


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