Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Playtesting "Perfect Lunch"

In order to expedite the playtesting and balancing process, I have taken the advice of a colleague and built my game using part of a regular deck of playing cards (it translates well since there are 4 suits).

Testing Details
Date: 10/1 10:30PM
Players: Megan and Rod
Rounds Played: 4


  • Each round lasted no more than 2 minutes
  • The results felt "too random"
  • Strategy was not evident
  • Very little interaction between players

Changes Made and Improvements Needed

  • Each player starts with 2 cards and draws 1 card, then may discard or lay one card face up (only one of each suit)
  • Players can pick up cards discarded by other players
  • Need to try with multiple people, might be fun with more than 2
  • Need to change the deck contents so not all 'suits' are equal
  • Need to add wild cards and ways to hurt opponents

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