Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Match 3 Card Game Second Playtest

For this playtest I watched 2 of my classmates play the game while I took notes.  Here are my notes and their feedback and some potential changes:

  •  Having the board wrap around for movement may be confusing since collecting a set does not wrap around the board
  •  Players seemed interested/engaged when a card they could move caused a different set (that did not include the card they flipped)
  •  Allowing players to choose not to move a card they flip can lead to stalemate situations, it may work better if a player MUST move the card they flip
  •  Based on other match 3 games some players may want to make multiple moves to clear several sets at once (ex. Puzzles and Dragons)
  •  The game feels like a digital game (as most match 3 games are)
  • Players sometimes moved the same card back and forth to hinder their opponent
  • Players would like to keep cards direction-side up once flipped so they don't need to remember
  • Anti-wild card moves to easily

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