Thursday, September 12, 2013

Initial Design from CHF Awareness

My initial card game design came from an idea to make an awareness game to help CHF patients stay out of the hospital. It addresses the four major concerns for CHF patients - remembering to take their meds, checking their weight, scheduling an appointment, and watching for key symptoms. I realized after I started designing this game that it is the perfect format for many awareness card games, and I have decided to re-theme it for healthy meals as my first prototype for my independent study this semester. This is the initial design, the re-themed version will follow soon!

Perfect Check-In
A CHF Awareness Card Game

Spoons - take turns drawing/discarding cards until you have a perfect hand
Sorry Revenge - try to stop your opponent from getting a perfect hand
Nines - choose when to end the game, make sure you have as good a score as you can but go out early enough that your opponent doesn’t have a perfect hand


Orange (meds):
Took all meds 2 points
Took some meds 1 point
Forgot to take meds 0 points

Green (weight):
Weighed same as yesterday 2 points
Weighed 1 more pound 1 point
Weighed 2 more pounds 0 points
Forgot to weigh 0 points

Red (appointment):
Attended doctor appointment 2 points
Scheduled an appointment 1 point
Missed appointment 0 points

Blue (feelings):
Feeling great 2 points
Feeling tired, called the doctor 2 points
Feeling not too bad 1 point
Feeling tired, did nothing 0 points

Black (wild):
Discard this card, draw 2 cards and discard 2 cards
Discard this card, your opponent must show you 1 card
Readmitted to the hospital, discard immediately and end your turn


Start of Game:
Each player starts with 5 cards in their hand (if anyone has a “readmitted to the hospital” card they may discard it and draw a new card before the game starts)
Players decide who goes first
Players take turns with play proceeding clockwise

Each Turn:
Player draws a card (if it is a “readmitted” card they discard it immediately and end their turn)Player may play a wild card, or choose a card to discard

Collect a “Perfect Check-In” with one card from each color with a value of 2 points
Example: Took all meds, Weighed same as yesterday, Attended doctor appointment, Feeling great

End of Game:
Any time one player possesses one card of each color, they may choose to end the game by playing those 4 cards face up; the other players then each take one more turn, and at the end of their turn they must choose one card from each color they possess and play them face up
Players may not play more than one card from each color

How to win:
At the end of the game players add up all the points they have played, and the player with the highest score wins

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