Wednesday, September 25, 2013

An Introspective Look at My Feelings on Design

Why do we live? We live for the good feelings. Happiness, joy, satisfaction...My joy in life derives from creating satisfying experiences for others – I watch people play to see them have fun. My ultimate goal is always to give the player something they didn't have before, and this focus causes me to be continuously pushing my designs to be the best they can be. I am never finished. I am passionate about creating engaging experiences. 

Good feelings come from many different places - successful encounters, accomplishment, entertainment, relaxation, companionship...What can we as designers give to people that they can't get for themselves? I do not study games, I study experiences. I watch people enjoy what they are doing in any environment, to try to learn how I can give that enjoyment to others. 

Henry Ford wanted to make it possible for every person to own a car; Bill Gates wanted everyone to have a personal computer; I want everyone to have fun. I believe we should treat fun as a commodity: it can be given or taken away, people will pay great prices for it, and it is something everyone wants though they may want it in different ways). 

We as designers wage a constant war against misery...our purpose, our job, our calling is to ease the misery of the world, to create a haven of happiness, to find the gems of good feelings and show others where they are. It has been my mission my entire life to make others as happy as possible, and designing games is the means by which I can accomplish that goal.

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