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Friday, September 30, 2016

Cosmos Arena

If you are an indie dev, you understand the struggle of sticking to one project. For the past few months I've been juggling two projects, one you know is my VR game Sundown Arcadia, but the second is a multiplayer PC game in the vein of Smash Bros, Rayman, and Waking Mars. It is a 4 Player platformer battle arena based on an alien planet in space, where players choose to play cooperatively or competitively...each level has to be "won" by destroying the alien generator at the top, but players can kill each other and you can either win together as a team, or you can kill your team and win alone.

Right now we have the basic character and movement (floaty jumps with a jet pack), a simple obstacle (alien plant trap), the ability to shoot teammates, multiplayer controller input, and the win condition. It's exciting to see it coming into a playable form! This is the largest team I've formed for one of my projects, we have a character artist, environment artist, two programmers, and a sound designer. Gameplay videos coming soon!

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